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DFS Logistics
Innovative, Technology, Information, and Education
DFS Logistics, Nationally, will be known for their dedication in bringing the industry of business together to attain common goals; our innovative management team specializes in strategic research and planning.  Through the development and Enhancement of Partnering Relationships, focusing attention on maximization of strengths, minimization of weaknesses and WIN-WIN philosophy’s is a sure recipe for success in today’s market driven climate.  Our firm specializes in training, organizational development, and executive coaching services that are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your people.  Our goal is to get you implementing, not just planning.  Our work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes.  We use the context of your industry to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today’s market driven climate.  By utilizing as your company’s HOME PAGE, you can focus your manager’s attention in the areas that have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.  Your HOME PAGE will consist of the latest News, Views, Technology, Information, and Education at your “fingertips”.  From the Driver/Independent Contractor to the largest carriers, has plenty to offer!In addition to your home page, you will have direct access to affiliates that have partnered with DFS Logistics to streamline the Transportation Industry!  Below I have listed a few of the advantages you will have by Partnering with DFS Logistics.
·         Minimize downtime spent searching the web
·         Increase the knowledge of your front line Managers, Supervisors, and Drivers
·         Access available Drivers/Independent Contractors by state (Emphasis on PSP scores, MVR Violations, Years/Area of Experience, Accident Records, TWIC Cards, Contact Information)
·         Repair/Tire Vendors by State
·         DOT Consultants by State
·         Accident/Reconstructive Consultants by State
·       Fuel Saving Technology (Guaranteed)
·         Improved CSA2010 Scores
·         Decreased Maintenance Costs
·         Increased Fuel Efficiency
·         Increased Driver Retention
·         Contributor to reduction in CARBON GREEN HOUSE EMISSIONS
·         Discounts with participating affiliates
·       And Much, Much more to Improve your bottom Line
Drivers/Independent Contractors
·         Increased Fuel Efficiency
·         Discounted Fuel per gallon (through payback card)
·         Group Discounts on Health Insurance
·         Reduced Maintenance Costs
·         Access to Repair/Tire Vendors by state
·         Access to company’s Nationwide that are recruiting
·    Up to date information on Regulation that affects your Industry
·        Discounts with participating affiliates
·        And Much, Much more to improve your bottom line!